Spot haiku – ‘about Sunday’ x 8


The wind sighs, restless

while I laze inside, content

this rainy Sunday.

Chris Gill



Sunday reunion

Three of us discuss pretence

Northcote vegan cafe

Ian Row



chores undone

time unmapped, self unkempt

it’s Unday

Dawn Mok



Five kids, Sunday school

Sent by unbelieving Dad.

Quality time with Mum.

Kenton Penley Miller



“Where’s the New York Times?

Sunday, I need my paper!”

“Still? in Cali?” “Yes!!”

Ellen C McBarnette



Sunday morning hymns

make a loud and joyful sound

robins and blue jays

Carol Ruth Kimmel



Working on essay

on Sunday; inside dying

word by word by word

Dimitri Razos & Ian Row



Late night laundromat

Warm spin cycle takes its time

Sunday slips away

Ian Row



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